Buy Lectures

Latest edition of classroom lectures are available in external hard disk of 1TB. This disk contains 1.Lectures on topics of class XII. 2.topics of class XI 3.topics of JEE and IIT, 4.Notes, 5.Tests on Power point 6.Selected Animations and videos on Physics phenomenons.
The videos are made in High Density resolution (DVD) quality which is not available on net. These are set serial wise with different folders chapters and topic exactly as per syllabus.

Cost of Hard disk complete including postage is Rs.15000/-. Payment is to be made to our bankers. Once order is received account number will be conveyed.

The hard disk has no password, codec or expiry and can be used by anyone simply as a plug-in. It is available only through Mr. Pradeep Kshetrapal only. No one else has a right to sell it. Since the material is copyright selling or reselling by any one else is a punishable crime.

To buy the hard disk one can 1. make a call to >9893177203< or 9893177204 and ask Mr. Pradeep Kshetrapal directly to send one. 2. send message at the same number 9893177203 or 9893177204. 3.write mail to or 4. can post a message on Home page of this website.