Thank you for sending your choice to attend online courses by “ genius academy”

This will be best education in the easiest way and most economical. We guarantee that you need not join any other institute either for regular exams or competitives.

  • What you need for these lessons is a laptop/Desktop, a good internet connection (3G, 4G or broad band) and an earphone. Lectures can be seen on mobiles also.
  • Please keep checking your mail everyday, From 5th April you will start getting links for videos of classes. Clicking will navigate you to private videos of the class (physics, Chemistry or any subject) for that day. You can see this at any time according to your convenience. You can see it as many times you want and can store it also.
  1. The lessons are Best in the industry. Easy explanation with easy language which you understand very well.
  2. It will include probable questions every few minutes for thorough understanding of concept.
  3. There will be homework for you and it will be checked regularly.
  4. It will include large number of numerical of various difficulty levels.
  5. At the end of session special classes for competitive exams including IIT Advance and AIIMS will be taken up so that you need not to join any other center.
  6. Regular chapter test will be taken and marks will be published on website.
  7. These lectures are being made for you only and these are not available to public on youtube or any-where. Online interaction is possible whenever it’s required.

fees structure for 2017-18

Class                   Physics                          Chemistry                            Maths

(Pradeep                                     ( Shaillee                             (Swati

Kshetrapal)                                        Kausha                     Mishra)


XII                      6000                                                 5000                                     4000

XI                       6000                                                5000                                   4000


Concession/Rebates :

For opting two packages : 1000

For opting three packages : 2000

For Registration send following data: (Either by mail or on plain paper)


Bank Details

This amount to be deposited in either of the following account by Cash/Cheque/NEFT through any local bank in your town OR ONLINE. Beneficiary “Sakshi”


No. Bank Branch IFSC Code A/C No.
1 SBI sector 41Chandigarh SBIN0009301 31708689949
2 ICICI NEW TOWN (W est Bengal) KOLKATA. 700156
ICIC0003881 388101500065


Registration Form (information to be sent)

  1. Whether Student/Teacher (Teacher will be in a special group) :
  2. Name :
  3. Age :
  4. School :
  5. Address :
  6. E-mail id :
  7. Alternate E-mail :
  8. Phone number :   (a) Self (Student)

(b) Parents

(c) What’s app no. if any


SR.NO. Classes XI/XII Subject Fees

Physics instruction medium : (a) Hindi mixed

(b) English only

Total :

Less discount :

Signature of Student                                                      Net Payment :

Sent through   Bank………………