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Divya Jyoti group of schools, Therapy centers and Hostels.

Founded and developed by Rita and Pradeep Kshetrapal, at Korba Chhattisgarh

Vision :  Brain of deaf and blind children is as much developed as ours. Their senses are as sharp and sensitive as ours. But they remain dumb, ill educated, unskilled and incomplete only because we fail to impart knowledge into them. We are not able to communicate and instill in them the knowledge and training what should be given to a brain to develop. To that extent, we are the one who are disabled.   In this institute we have a vision that every such child  1. Has  all possible means to combat his disability.  2. To have best possible education according to his I.Q. 3. Should develop polite, helping nature, ideal character and the small  skills which give his thinking a wider horizon.  4. Should have training of a respectable vocation to earn living for himself and the family.

This is the vision which inspire  us to go to this field of service for educating physically and mentally challenged children, a school, therapy Centre, and a Hostel  is promoted.

Management : An all women registered Society is formed under the act, with title “INNER WHEEL EDUCATION SOCIETY”.  At present Rita Kshetrapal is its Chairman. Other prominent professional ladies (Doctors, Professors, tax consultants) are its members.

School  :

  • Two buildings are used for schooling of children. There is accommodation of nearly 12 rooms.
  • Started in 1998 with 2 deaf children and 2 teachers.

Present  strength : children  146   ( Deaf :- 86   Blind :-35   M.R. :-25 ) nearly 40% are girls.

  • Staff :32. Principal Rita Kshetrapal,  Director (autistic), Teachers 18, Non teaching staff 4; includes  Speech therapist,  physiotherapist, a computer teacher, tailoring teacher, fine arts teacher, brail and sign language teacher)
  • School education is divided into 4 sections :

1.For first one year,  training against disability, (speech therapy for deaf,  mobility  for  blind),

            2. School education up to class 12th according to CG board.

3. Development of basic skills, behavior and character (participating in and Organising  Abilympics)

4. Vocational training (computer  training,  tailoring, cooking)

  • It is only school in town which hoist and unfurl the national flag every day with honors.
  • Training/ learning tools used
  • For blind: Skill manuals are converted to voice-instructions using scanners, O.C.R and Jaws software.
  • These are copied to mobiles/voice recorder of Blind, Facilitate revisions and ready reference.
  • Mobility training with help of smart-canSe to make Blind independent to move.
  • Computers-operations by using Jaws and similar software’s.
  • Deaf are trained to operate Google search, you-Tube for “how-to Videos” and Wikipedia for question answers, animations.
  • Sign language videos for news etc.


Hostel  :

  • Divya Jyoti hostel for disabled  is developed in civil Lines. After new construction it has now 5Dormitories, 1Dining hall, 8 staff rooms and 15 toilet bathrooms attached with halls and rooms. It has all modern amenities in furniture, tiled floors, modern toilets and bathrooms, washing machines, refrigerator, gas cooking burners,
  • It houses nearly 120 children and staff. Include 35 blind, 65 deaf, 3 M.R.s and 2 special orthopedics. A dedicated women staff of 6 lives 24 x 7 with the children and take care for their needs. There is stress on cleanliness, good habits, polite and helpful behavior and character building.
  • A full size bus is hired to ply these children to school every day.
  • Present area of hostel is constructed in nearly 3000 square meters located on a plot of nearly  6000 square meters. It has a boundary- wall.  The school building is planned as expansion. Looking for donors who will donate rooms in the school .
  • For disabled children the admission, tuition, hostel, food, transport and uniform,  all are free. It is a rule that  admission or education  is never  refused for any type of fees or expenses.
  • Collectors of Korba, Industries at Korba and Rotary Club have been cooperating in the form of either construction in the hostel or providing computers  in the lab and organizing Abylimpics.

Therapy Centre : A group of therapy centers is started in 2011 with an initial investment of 25 Lakhs. It contains well equipped 1.Physio Therapy centre, 2.Speech therapy centre with audiology, 3.Behavior therapy for Autistic, Mentally retarded, and Spastics.
With equipments, Infrastructure and 6 Therapists it is the best therapy centre in state.


Vocational Training Centre : A vocational training center is being developed for skill development of these children in the field of 1.Data processing on computers  2. Dress designing and training 

3. Electricians for house wiring  4. Body and Skin care (beautician)


  • An achievement for the school is two world gold medals in International abilympics in 2003. In abilympics of 42 participating countries India could win 9 gold medals, out of which two were won by the children of this school. Skill development is one of the thrust area in this school. 
  • Two state level abilympics with participation of 300 each have been organized by the school.

Blind- help : For visually impaired 4 computers are engaged with Jawz software and a trainer to make

    them operate the computers.

A talking library is being developed for all the subjects for all classes.

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